How to Get Rid of an Abscess Painless and Naturally

Tooth abscess is quite painful and can even cause gingivitis. A poor dental hygiene, high consumption of sugar and carbohydrates can cause this problem. It is best to see your dentist, but there are also some natural remedies that can treat dental abscess or at least relieve its symptoms and reduce infection: 1. Garlic Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and is …

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Mouthwash Recipe For Tooth Mineralization

In order to improve our oral health, we must be careful what we eat. At the same time, we must begin to use less traditional toothpastes and mouthwashes and replace them with natural recipes. You may not know, but toothpastes and mouthwashes sold in stores contain certain chemicals that can damage our tooth enamel, which means that these products are …

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How To Use Baking Soda To Get Whiter Teeth And Fresh Breath

Baking soda is the most used powder in the kitchen. A reliable friend for baking cookies, this ingredient is very good for your orodental hygiene, too. Its alkaline function neutralizes acids produced by food debris degradation inside the mouth. These residues are responsible for halitosis and damage the tooth enamel. Baking soda can act on some highly acidic foods such …

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