2 Most Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Pain Instantly

Sitting in front of your computer causes you frequent neck pain? Well, every person who has an office job is facing such problems, but you should not worry.

Here is a series of exercises that will soothe neck pains that occur because of overloading the muscles and vertebrae of the cervical spine. These 2 stretches can be a real help for you.

Exercise no.1:

(figure 1)

• The starting position is seated.

• Raise your arms like in the figure no. 1 and point one of the palms to the floor, and the other toward the ceiling.

• Rotate the entire shoulder area, keeping your head down to the floor.

Exercise no. 2:

(figure 2)

• The starting position is the same as the previous exercise, but this time the arms must be joined together and the elbows folded at an angle of 90 degrees.

• Turn your head to the right and separate the arms on the same direction (figure no.2).

• Repeat the same movements when turning your head to the left.

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