4 Yoga-Based Exercises To Get Relief From Foot Pain

Your feet help your body throughout the day. Thus, you are moving around performing everyday tasks. But, at the end of the day, your feet are the ones hurting. Basically, your feet are aching, tired and desperate for relief. Moreover, your foot pain may be caused by wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes, especially heels, for long stretches of time. Thus, you can use physical therapy to get relief from foot pain. Hence, stretching exercises and yoga poses will go a long way in strengthening your foot muscles, along with providing pain relief. So, check them out:

1. Toe Release

Stand with your right leg placed forward;
Grab hold of some support like a desk and shift your left leg backward;
Stretch out your toes so that the tips of your toes are touching the floor;
You will feel a pull along the top of your foot;
Hold the position for 30 seconds, then rest your left foot flat on the floor;
Repeat the steps, this time stretching out your right leg while standing on your left one;
Do this daily for about 5 minutes to relieve foot pain.

2. Five-Finger Toe Spread

Sit down on a chair;
Cross your left leg over your right one, resting your left ankle on your right thigh;
Insert the fingers of your right hand in between your toes to stretch them out;
Hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds. Do not pull your toes up or down;
Repeat the above steps, this time with the right ankle atop the left thigh;
Do this once daily for pain relief.

3. Hero Pose

Kneel on a soft, padded surface;
Keep your knees together and rest your hips on a yoga block;
Shift your weight onto your calves, so your heels are touching your hips;
Sit up straight, move your hands to your knees and stretch your toes on the floor;
The top of your feet should be stretched out flat on the floor;
Take deep breaths and hold this pose for as long as you can;
Relax and take a break for a few minutes;
Repeat 2 or 3 times to get relief from foot pain.

4. Legs Up the Wall

Place a lightly padded mattress or blanket on the floor, right in front of a steady wall or door;
You can place a cushion beneath your hips for extra support;
Lie down and take deep breaths;
Exhale and bend your knees. Slowly move your legs up on the wall, making sure to keep your spine straight;
Place your arms at your sides, turn your palms upward and stretch your legs up on the wall;
Slowly inhale and exhale for 10 minutes;
To return to the original position, first bend your knees;
Then, turn your body sideways, take deep breaths and exhale as you gradually rise.

As a conclusion, these stretching yoga-based exercises will take away the pain in your feet. Relax for a few minutes every day and you will get the happiest feet out there.

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