5 Acupressure Detox Points To Lose Weight Fast

Practicing sport and no harmful products – this is the secret to a healthy body. And maybe a little massage! Our body has plenty of areas that, when stimulated, they accelerate metabolism and moderate hunger.

We are talking about an old technique originating from China which has become generally accessible nowadays. It’s an easy and pleasant way to fight excess kilos that will help you lose weight without excess effort.

Dui Tuang point

It is one of the most important points for inhibiting appetite. You find it midway between the lip and nose. Rub it a few minutes, especially when because of stress the hunger sensation occurs.

“Appetite” point

On the ears are about 200 biologically active points which, when stimulated, they improve the functioning of all organs and accelerate metabolism. This point is placed in the contact region between the head and ear.

Tze-chi point

Bend the elbows and rub the fold’s upper area. Stimulate this point daily for one minute and you’ll improve bowel functioning.

Tze-sang-li point

On the foot we found a lot of slimming points. But the most important one is the Tze-sang-li or the “point of longevity”. It is placed in a small dent below the knee. It is said that its stimulation can lead to weight loss by up to 500 g per day.

Lou-gu point

This point is placed 5 cm above the ankle on the inside of the foot. Besides being a slimming point, it is useful for hands and feet numbness.

Image Credits: Adriana Germain

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