6 Healthy Drinks That Purify Your Blood

You may have a contaminated body for several reasons: toxins accumulation in the blood due to improper functioning of organs that cleanse the body (such as the kidneys, liver or intestines), food full of fat and toxic substances, pollution, etc.

If you can’t eliminate toxins through the skin, your blood remains contaminated, which can cause problems such as obesity and chronic diseases. Therefore, it is very important to stimulate the purification process in order to have a detoxified and cleansed blood.

Fruit and vegetable juices and teas are perfect for cleaning blood toxins. Here are some of the best drinks to clean your blood naturally. You will help prevent diseases caused by toxins accumulation.

Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is one of the best options to remove toxins from the blood naturally and easily. This juice contains beetroot and beet greens and is a powerful blood cleaner.


• 2 beetroots
• beet greens
• water

How to prepare:

Wash the beetroots and the beet greens. Cut them into pieces small enough to fit in a blender or juicer. Put the beetroots in the blender, add the beet greens and a little water for an easy shredding. Leave the blender to mix them for several minutes. It is preferable to drink this juice on an empty stomach.

Red wine and garlic drink

This strong drink is perfect for activating the metabolism and for reducing body fat. Moreover, it can help get rid of excess salt from the body, one of the stages of blood purification.


• 12 garlic cloves
• ½ l of red wine

How to prepare:

Cut the 12 garlic cloves and place them in a glass jar with a pint of red wine. Close the jar tightly and place it on a windowsill or in another area where it can receive direct sunlight. Keep it under these conditions for two weeks.

After the two weeks, filter the liquid from the jar and pour it into another glass jar. Take one tablespoon of this liquid three times a day for one month.

Detoxify your blood with green juice

This green juice is perfect for stimulating the blood toxins and impure elements elimination. In addition, it is effective in activating metabolism and for weight loss.


• 1 handful of spinach
• 3 Swiss chard greens
• 2 apples
• 1 handful of parsley
• 1 lemon
• 1 cucumber

How to prepare:

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix them within seconds. Drink this smoothie cold to benefit of all its properties.

Burdock tea (Arctium lappa)

The burdock is a plant with a strong detoxifying effect which helps remove toxins from the blood and from the lymphatic system. We recommend drinking this tea to reduce congestion and inflammation, to eliminate toxins through the skin or through urine and to get rid of excess uric acid in the body.

This tea is so effective and is recommend for people suffering from problems such as arthritis, sciatic nerve disorders, gout, rash, acne, blood acidity, edema, kidney stones, liver, etc.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea is one of the most detoxifying drinks and is widely known for its effectiveness. This drink is perfect to combat fluid retention and to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. Dandelion tea is very safe and effective in cleaning the blood toxins.

Nettle tea

This is an excellent remedy to naturally detoxify the blood and to eliminate toxic substances that can harm you. Nettle tea is diuretic and can be used to treat liver and kidney diseases.

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