Awkward But Strongly Effective Way To Get Rid Of Herpes Overnight

Herpes or cold sore is a simple virus that lives in the human body, which appears like small bubbles. It usually appears in the corners of the mouth or on the lips, but it can appear in some areas of the skin.

Of course, there are quite a lot of good and effective ways to get rid of herpes quickly, but the following disgusting way to get rid of herpes, actually works!

Cerumen (ear wax) for herpes
Cerumen serves to lubricate and clean the auditory canal, but it has also been established as an effective way to get rid of herpes on the lips.

For this we take a special cotton bud to get some ear wax from our ears. Apply the ear wax on the inflamed area of your lip. Repeat this procedure several times during the day.

It’s indicated to apply it from the first signs of herpes appearance, when the lip area becomes red accompanied by a burning sensation.

Image Credits: Saude.umcomo

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