Best Solution to Get Rid of Bunions on Toes Without Surgery

Bunions are among the most common and most painful foot ailments out there. Bunions affect women far more often than men, and that may not be a coincidence because according to scientists, conventional shoes that make women’s feet look small and pointy may be the prime culprit.

Here is an alternative way to treat bunions without surgery, right in the comfort of your home:

Initially, it is recommended to dissolve salt deposits in the body as follows:

• In the evening, pour one tablespoon of bay leaves over 300 ml of water and boil them for 5 minutes.

• Put the mixture in a thermos and let it sit overnight.

• Strain the infusion the next morning and take small swallows throughout the day (do not drink all the infusion at once!)

• Follow this treatment for three days in a row, preparing a fresh drink each evening – to be consumed the next day.

• Repeat the treatment after seven days.

• You’ll most likely feel the urge to urinate more often, which is perfectly normal. It is a sign that the salt in the body has started to dissolve and is slightly irritating the bladder.

• Positive results occur after about ten days. The entire body will be revived, and the joint pains will disappear.

• This recipe is also effective in dissolving and removing the bile stones.

• This treatment lasts about 2 months, during which the bunions will be completely removed.

This iodine tincture and aspirin solution we present below is another effective way to alleviate painful bunions and other similar conditions.

– Grind 5 aspirin pills (200 mg) and add the powder over 10 ml of iodine tincture.

– Mix well until complete dissolution of aspirin powder into iodine tincture. The liquid will become colorless.

– Massage the painful areas with this solution (ankles, painful joints) every night. After application, cover well those areas in order to keep them warm. You will quickly feel the positive effects.

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