Burn Belly Fat With Stomach Vacuum Exercise – How To Do It Properly

We all dream of having a flat stomach. But diets and exercise don’t always have the desired effect. We present today a special exercise to harmonize the abdominal muscles.

With this exercise you can strengthen your abdominal muscles in just 3 weeks. The Vacuum Exercise thins your waist, improves the abdomen’s condition and appearance. Repeat it at least five times a week!

How to do the Vacuum exercise correctly

• Lie on your back. Bend your knees, relax and exhale slowly.
• Strain the abdominal muscles and pull your stomach in. Hold your breath for 10-15 seconds, take a little breath and pull the belly in as much as you can.
• Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds without relaxing the abdominal muscles.
• Breathe deeply, relax the muscles and do some inhalations and exhalations. Finally pull the belly in as much as you can and direct it to your chest without exhaling.

Each exercise has its contraindications and therefore this makes no exception. Don’t practice it if you suffer from gastric or duodenal ulcer, or you are in the menstrual cycle. Also make sure you don’t suffer from lung disease, cardiovascular problems and or hernia.

If you aren’t into any of these categories, you can start this exercise today! Getting a flat belly at home is possible. It is important to do the Vacuum exercise properly!

Image Credits: Livestrong

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