Easy and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Hiccups Instantly

Have you ever had an embarrassing bout of hiccups at a specific time in your life? We’ve all experienced the struggle with trying to keep your hiccups as quiet as possible, and at the same time hoping that it would end soon.

The length of hiccups actually varies depending on different factors. The average amount of hiccups per person is about 65 times.

“Drink a glass of water quickly” or “hold your breath as much as you can”: these are the most common tricks that help you get rid of hiccups. When the two old methods do not work you can turn to these variants with confidence as they may help you:

1. Put a teaspoon of sugar under your tongue and swallow it gradually.

2. Breathe in a paper bag.

3. Gargle with cold water.

4. Relax! Lie down on one side and deep breathe for a few minutes.

5. Drink lemon juice or apple vinegar. Or eat any other sour food (pickled cucumbers, for example).

6. Bring your knees to the chest or lean forward to compress the chest.

7. Stick your fingers in your ears for 20-30 seconds or press the soft area behind your ears.

8. Apply pressure (as hard as you can) by pressing your thumb in the middle of the opposite hand.

Image Credits: Nutrition Facts

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