Genius Hacks To Get Rid Of Hiccups Quickly

Everyone faced, at least once in their lives, to face with a hiccup crisis in the most inappropriate moments (job interviews, romantic dates, theater plays). So, learn how to get rid of them quickly, and the effect is guaranteed!

“Drink a glass of water quickly” or “hold your breath for a short time”: these are the most common tricks that help you to get rid of the hiccups. When these old methods don’t work you can turn to the following options!

1. Put 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey under your tongue and gradually swallow.
2. Breathe in a paper bag.
3. Gargle with cold water.
4. Relax! Stretch your head to one side and put your hands around your body and breathe deeply for a few minutes
5. Drink lemon juice or apple vinegar. Or eat some sour food such as pickles.
6. Draw your knees to the chest or lean forward to compress the chest.
7. Put your fingers in your ears for 20-30 seconds or press the soft area behind your ears.
8. Apply pressure (as hard as you can) with your thumb in the middle of your palm from the opposite hand.

Image Credits: Ohhowcivilized

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