Get Rid Of Intestinal Parasites And Drop Extra Pounds With 2 Ingredients

You always crave for something sweet and you worry about? Well, you’re not the only one. Have you ever wondered why some people have a chronic crave for sweet? It may be the addiction, but it could be something else, such as stress or parasites.

Excessive consumption of sugar contributes to the accumulation of excess mucus in the body. Excess mucus is an excellent base for bacteria and fungi, offering excellent conditions for multiplication and reproduction. Parasites thrive from excess mucus and steal your energy. What is even worse is that the more fat you have, the better parasites live.

If you’re looking for a remedy against parasites, nature comes to your aid with 2 simple but powerful ingredients: organic flax seeds and cloves. You need 100 g of flax seeds and 10 g of cloves.

Preparation and administration

Grind the ingredients in a coffee grinder. Take 2 tablespoons of the resulting powder every morning for 3 days. You can also dissolve the powder in a glass of warm water.

Take a break for 3 days and repeat the treatment. The whole procedure takes 30 days. Repeat treatment several times a year to keep parasites away.

Image Credits: Doctor Oz

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