How To Fade Away Freckles Using The Most Effective Natural Remedies

Freckles will become a complex for those who don’t know how to live with these cute and tiny spots. Because of this problem, most people want to get rid of them, and for these are a number of techniques to get rid of them, and to clean the skin that doesn’t involve too much effort.

Freckles can’t be completely removed, but there are a number of tricks to reduce their number:

Honey mask
Prepare a face mask with honey made from 1 teaspoon of honey, lemon juice and a little salt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until you get a paste that you can apply it to your face and leave it for a few minutes. Then wash the face with cold water and repeat this procedure every night. In 2 weeks, you should see great improvements.

The same effect has the pumpkin mask if you use it for 2 weeks at least.

You have to: crush the seeds to form a powder and mix them with some olive oil. Apply the resulting mixture on your face and let it act for a few minutes then wash your face with cold water.

You can also apply mint compresses for 20 minutes every evening. The effects will be seen in less than 10 days.

How to prepare:
Crush mint leaves and mix them with a banana. Apply the resulting mask on your face.

Image Credits: Besthearbalhealth

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