How to Get Rid of Headaches in no Time Without Medication

Headaches are becoming more and more common nowadays and can appear suddenly because of too much stress imposed, lack of sleep or sustaining a great physical effort, among other causes. Some people can suffer from headaches all their life, being diagnosed with chronic pain. Having a headache can put you in a bad mood and distract you from everything, because the pain can be so intense that you cannot concentrate on something else anymore.

How to get rid of headaches and migraines without medication

The first thing crossing our mind when we have a headache is to take a painkiller, but this is actually a momentarily remedy. Drugs will only inhibit the pain receptors and will not eliminate the actual cause of the pain. Moreover, the headache is listed as a side effect in most of the leaflets. That is why we should focus our attention on the homemade remedies when it comes to get rid of a headache. The plants are an excellent remedy for headaches and migraines, especially the ginger or the lavender.
If you like the strong flavor of the ginger, take a small piece and get it through the shredder after you previously peeled it. Mix the shredded ginger with a glass of warm water and drink it. The anti-inflammatory properties of the ginger will make the headache disappear in no time and plus, this plant has detox effects also.
If you prefer a milder, floral smell you can use lavender, a well-known plant for its relaxing and calming effect, to get rid of the headache. One tablespoon of lavender powder can be administrated sublingually anytime you have a headache. You can also use it as a prevention if you know that you are often suffering from headaches or migraines.

Why using homemade remedies instead of drugs

While I agree with modern medicine methods when it comes to serious cases, I am keener to homemade remedies if it is about getting rid of a headache that has a common cause, like stress or tiredness. Of course, if the headache is persistent and impossible to sustain, you should get medical advice and make sure you eliminate the serious reasons. If it is just a mild headache, the homemade natural remedies can be successfully used, as we should avoid bombing our body with medication if we have an alternate, more healthy method in our hands.

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