Innovative and Super-Effective Method to Get Rid of a Headache in 2 Minutes

How to get rid of a strong migraine in just two minutes? You do not need drugs or controversial herbal remedies, but a simple tactic that will involve your imagination!

Imagine how your pain looks like and answer the three questions below:

– Where is your headache?
– What color is it?
– What shape is it?

Continue to repeat these questions in mind with all seriousness, focusing on the answer to be as precise and as appropriate to the situation in your “head”.

Kamil’s video on Youtube may be of real help to you. Watch it below:

Before you start laughing and considering this method as an “invention,” “scam,” or “joke,” know that an overwhelming majority of viewers state that … it worked. It may be the Placebo effect (getting rid of discomfort by focusing on a different matter, other than the pain) or, of course, Kamil can be an almighty wizard who’s just playing with us!

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