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Burn Belly Fat With Stomach Vacuum Exercise – How To Do It Properly

We all dream of having a flat stomach. But diets and exercise don’t always have the desired effect. We present today a special exercise to harmonize the abdominal muscles. With this exercise you can strengthen your abdominal muscles in just 3 weeks. The Vacuum Exercise thins your waist, improves the abdomen’s condition and appearance. Repeat it at least five times …

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5 Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat

Abdomen fat is one of the most problematic and dogged areas of your body to burn off. And it’s the first thing people notice about you for the first sight. Having tummy fat can make you very embarrassed and it will upset your quality of life. The abdominal fat is closely connected to heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, …

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Exercise and lose weight! 5 yoga exercises to remove belly fat

Even during the holidays we shouldn’t become lazy and too relaxed. It’s always good to keep in shape! It’s important that during exercises to maintain a calm and deep breathing. After only one week of daily practice you’ll see the first encouraging results! Cobra • Lie with your face down. • Lean in your palms and lift the torso up. …

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