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Get Rid of Dandruff Quickly with the Most Effective Homemade Mask

Aspirin is one of the most widely-used painkillers and anticoagulants in the world. In fact, it’s something that nearly everyone has in their home medicine kit. When used topically, aspirin deep cleans your hair and eliminates the fungi that cause dandruff and dry scalp. Here is the most effective anti-dandruff mask you can easily prepare in the comfort of your …

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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff With Mouthwash

Dandruff can be caused by a too dry scalp or by seborrheic dermatitis. It can occur due to eczema, due to psoriasis or due to a fungus called Malassezia. Mouthwash can treat this annoying problem. Mouthwash contains many essential oils such as eucalyptus, menthol and alcohol that can fight the fungus which causes dandruff. Wash your hair with shampoo, then …

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