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The Best 9 Stretching Exercises You Can Practice At Home

• Advance stretching: Sit on the floor so that both legs are stretched. Lean slightly forward, keeping your back straight and being careful not to get up off the floor. You’ll know that you’re doing the exercise properly when you’ll feel your back and back foot muscles stretched. • Stretching exercise for biceps femoris: adopting the same sitting position, stretch …

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7 simple exercises that help remove back fat

When it comes to fat removal, most people focus on the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms. But many of us tend to forget the back, probably because this area is more difficult to reach. Fat that tends to accumulate just below the bra can make our back look bloated and unattractive, which is very unsightly. Fortunately, back fat can be …

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Exercise and lose weight! 5 yoga exercises to remove belly fat

Even during the holidays we shouldn’t become lazy and too relaxed. It’s always good to keep in shape! It’s important that during exercises to maintain a calm and deep breathing. After only one week of daily practice you’ll see the first encouraging results! Cobra • Lie with your face down. • Lean in your palms and lift the torso up. …

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