“The” Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Head Lice Overnight

One of the greatest fears of any mother is that her child will come home from kindergarten with lice. And the chances of this to happen are very high. Lice infestation is a real danger for any child, but in this article you will find out the best remedy to get rid of lice quickly without chemicals.

Apple cider vinegar

Some people claim that this is the best treatment if you want to get rid of lice from your child’s hair. Apple vinegar contains some effective substances both in killing lice and in keeping them away from your child’s hair. In addition, vinegar is also very effective to get rid of lice, making them fall from the hair without using a special comb or picking them by hand. After bathing, apply a solution made from hot or warm water (2/3 of the composition) and apple vinegar (1/3 of the composition). You can also apply this solution when the hair has dried. The only inconvenient is the poignant smell of vinegar.

Image Credits: Getridof and Remedygrove

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